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About Us

Savings Preservation Working Group members believe everyone deserves the opportunity to retire with dignity and financial independence. Defined contribution plans play an important role in helping people save, but the system could be improved to better facilitate the preservation of retirement savings to and through retirement. 


In order to improve the system, the Working Group endeavors to:

  • Promote thoughtful discussion of policies that will to help working families preserve their retirement savings;

  • Encourage private‐sector best practices related to retirement account preservation;

  • Deepen the understanding of the factors that erode retirement savings, and serve as a central repository for thought leadership; and

  • Develop stakeholder consensus regarding policy options for lawmakers to help preserve retirement savings.​

Membership in the Working Group is limited to a select group of individuals that have demonstrated thought leadership in the area of retirement savings and provide a diversity of viewpoints (e.g., political leanings, constituency affiliation, and experience). 

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